Seattle's desirable Madison neighborhood

Madison Lofts are Seattle’s closest condos to Eastside workplaces, with a convenient 520 commute to Microsoft and other eastside workplaces, perfect for Eastside workers with Westside sensibilities. Connections to downtown workplaces are also a snap, just minutes away with easy bus service right from your doorstep. If you’re relocating to Seattle, the location couldn’t be better. If you’ve lived here long, we don’t have to tell you the benefits of this Madison location.

Madison Street is the only street in Seattle that stretches continuously from salt water to fresh water, connecting Madison Lofts homeowners to the Downtown Seattle waterfront to Lake Washington Blvd, and everything in between. First Hill, Capitol Hill and Madison Park — Seattle’s finest neighborhoods and businesses are within a mile of Madison Lofts.

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Madison Neighborhood Map

Cafe Flora

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